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INTRODUCTION | Where have you found yourself?

Once again, please welcome, dear visitors, to my personal presentation. These introductory words are addressed to women, like the whole website. But I'm sure that also some men visit this website from time to time. Let me welcome you as well.

This website is especially designed for women who are searching for something. I am here for those of you who long for the masculine energy without disrupting the everyday life, without any social obligations, without fear, … but with an open heart. This is also what you can expect from me. It is even strange how liberating the financial reward can be for both parties.

My "business offer" is not inconsiderable at all. Because I offer myself. And that is in my whole width and depth. I mean my mind and spirit as well as the masculine sexual energy. Not forever, because there is no need to. It's all in ourselves. I can only become the "jumping board" for other life phases or relax from everyday rush. You will find out in the following lines if my offer can comply with your desires.

It was not by chance that I have found my way to this job, I perceive it as a mission, an important part of my life journey.

Let me bring to your notice that nothing has been copied. Each letter comes from me. (On the contrary, I sometimes find out that others copy me. ;) Maybe just… Yes, Oliver Leno is my pseudonym. To be incognito is probably as important to me as it is to you. It means that what possibly happens between You and me, will only remain between us.

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ABOUT ME | Who is Oliver Leno? A gigolo?

I feel like a conscious man. Probably just like you, I live in a society which is oversocialized and I “do my duties”… However, besides I also have my inner life where my soul is not bound by any excess rules. I´m sure you have them too… But do you live your life to the fullest? :) My personal fulfilment shows itself very different. One of those expressions is the job of a professional companion. I like to be called a guide for women. That means the one who shows them something unseen… And gigolo? That´s what I am too ;)

Possibly some of my biometric data may be of interest for you. As far as my age is concerned, I can say I’m old enough to be a conscious human being but still young enough to have a fit body with a healthy and productive endocrine system. But is it really important? OK…, about 30 :) I can tell you my height – without tree numbers 180 cm. With my weight I’m satisfied and I hope you will be too. I believe I also have other qualities. ;) Pictures can tell you more.

As far as my brain is concerned, it has been nicely socialized by all levels of the Czech school system. But I don’t make my living from my profession. Let’s say I am freelance. I receive exoteric information (science, serious news and analyses) as well as esoteric ones (eisó-, i.e. inner or hidden ;). I have been acquainted with geologic processes of landscape formation as well as the beauty of the firmament. It will be my pleasure to speak about everything by a pleasant walk or a longer trip. Culture also isn’t unknown for me, I have been living in Prague for many years and I know every nook and cranny of it. I’ll be happy to show you hidden places and lead you through famous cultural sites. I can appreciate classical music as well as sharper dancing rhythms. I have also experienced professional dancing a bit.

I love movement – running, swimming, jumping and of course dancing. Performance sport is not my cup of tea, but I have tried a few sports and I have also obtained a few instructor licences.

Last but not least, I also have experience with touches. I’m a haptic type and also a certified massager. And I also have passed the tantra course ;)

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ABOUT YOU? | Who are you? The future client?

As you are already reading these words, I’m sure you must have been caught by at least a few lines. And now only if I will have the chance to meet you :)

So far I only “know” that you are a woman. A person who wants to be in the centre of attention from time to time, who longs to be caressed and decently appreciated for being who she is. Or just only from the reason that you Are.

I also understand Your possible dilemma, if to use my services or not. Forget about the view of society, let’s not speak about it. Moreover, nobody will find out ;) You could also be bothered by the question if it’s not beneath dignity to pay for things which belong into a relationship… Well, who said that they only belong into a relationship? My task is neither to create nor to destroy conventional relationships. I’m the one who “serves” and you only enjoy, you are the “master of the situation” and/or you just let yourself be led, coddled…

But the fact is that the price for my services shouldn’t strictly stress Your wallet. For me, my services are not strictly about money and it would be very unpleasant if this factor would somehow disrupt the beautiful time spent together.

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MEDIA | Third parties’ point of view...

Český GIGOLOčasopis Marie Claire, 
říjen 2015
Zpověď gigola: Práce společníka je pro mě nejen byznys, ale i osobní rozvoj, interviewEYE magazinne, červenec 2016

ART | Some more contents to enrich the website…

Under particular names (move the arrow) you can find short texts, poems or pictures by me etc. As for its contents, this is not a very important part of the website. If you don’t want to waste time, go one section below, where you will find the description of my services.

But if you read something, look through, …you can express your opinion by adding from one to five stars ;)

OFFER | How much does Oliver cost? ...and what can he offer?

The variable of prices stated below is the time. I don’t count it in seconds, minutes, nor hours :) But don’t worry, I’m not a lawyer, something like a begun hour doesn’t exist for me. ;) Let’s not get stressed by the time. But please just count with fact that I will bit counting afterwards a bit :)

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The first meeting (coffee, a glass of vine) … 0 EUR / ± 20 min

Yes, it’s correct. I could write here anything but the truth is only revealed by the personal meeting. I’m confident about myself but still I would like to give the chance to my clients to turn me down ;)

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A walk / Excursion … 30 EUR / hour

The country is my most favourite book. Nothing else enables you to absorb information by all senses. No environment is identical. It’s hard to divide it into a city, nature etc. It all mingles. I love to be a guide.

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Sports trainer / Movement … 35 EUR / hour

I have devoted one part of my professional life to sports. If you are also interested in services of a personal trainer, it’s no problem. There is also the chance to have a structured training plan drafted and to be led by the training. Or just to do some jogging together or just to “romp around” :)

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Companion in the society / Culture … 40 EUR / hour

I have studied natural sciences. However, at present I’m to be found in the world of numbers. Therefore it’s no problem to discuss the weather, country, but also about current situation on capital markets or political turbulences professionally with anybody. The knowledge of the etiquette and decorum is a must. And before it gets started? I love parties. We can dance for life ;)

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Massages / Healing by touching … 50 EUR / hour*

What shall I write here? Communication by touching is only hard to describe. The price complies with a complex revitalizing massage. The traditional massage, without including the intimate parts of the body, can become a good starting point for the mutual getting to know each other.

*There is also the possibility of an “erotic” massage, i.e. including erotogenic zones. The price is 75 EUR / hour.

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Intimacy / Sex … 100 EUR / hour*

The deepest possible connection I offer. For a deeper sense both parties need to be open. Also a sensual erotic massage or tantric techniques can be a part of it.

*In case of services for couples or special requirements the price is 150 EUR / hour.

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Anything else … by appointment

It´s possible to propose really anything. Nothing is taboo for me, but I reserve the right to say “no”.

Note. (!): Travelling costs (5 CZK / km), expenses or special places are covered by the client.

CONTACT | How to meet Oliver?

  +420 605 838 242

Call anytime. But not always I can answer the phone. Sometimes I turn it off for the night. To an SMS I respond as soon as possible.


I usually respond to an e-mail by the next day. Feel free to write a bit more, I always reply.

Most of the time I am to be found in Prague but it’s no problem for me to come anywhere in the Czech Republic or over the Europe, I like travelling. I don’t rule out the agreement on a meeting on the same day as called. However, my programme is dynamic, so I cannot guarantee anything. If I’m not available for some longer time – please check the “Messages for visitors“.
Would you like to send me a message? The fastest way is to use the contact form below. I am thankful for the feedback as well as constructive criticism. I also understand timidity. You can leave me your contact information and I’ll get in touch with you.


Current news for visitors

  •   V čase od 12. do 19. 6. jsem nedostupný z důvodu zahraniční cesty. Neváhejte mi ale nechat zprávu, především na e-maily budu v některé dny stručně odpovídat. Děkuji za pochopení. / I won't be available from June 12 to 29. Don't be hesitate to leave me a message. I will respond time to time, primarily via e-mail. Thank you for your understanding. Oliver [2018-05-19]
  •   V období od 27. 4. do 5. 5. budu bohužel nedostupný. Děkuji za pochopení a přeji krásné jarní dny. / Unfortunately I won't be available from April 27 to May 5. Thank you for your understanding and wish you beautiful spring days. Oliver [2018-04-15]
  •   Srdečně přeji Krásné, příjemné a odpočinkové Vánoce a Veleúspěšný nový rok 2018 ;) Oliver [2017-12-23]

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REFERENCES | What do Oliver´s clients say about him?